DeKalb County, GA Memorial Drive Corridor Study

Grice Consulting Group was responsible for developing a corridor study for an eight-mile segment of Memorial Drive within DeKalb County, Georgia. Memorial Drive is a major connector between Stone Mountain and Atlanta. Development along this corridor features commercial and residential land uses, an elementary school, and a college. The average daily traffic volume (ADT) in this corridor exceeds 35,000 vehicles per day. The study involved collecting existing transportation system data (roadway geometry, driveway/median locations, land uses, truck routes, intersection configuration, traffic signal data, and other characteristics), identifying stakeholders along the corridor, reviewing planned RTP and TIP projects, developing and documenting existing deficiencies, and conducting stakeholder charrettes.

Existing and future year capacity and operational analyses were conducted with the SYNCHRO traffic engineering model to determine levels of service for both scenarios. Based on the findings, Grice Consulting Group developed a list of operational and safety issues for the existing, no-build and future build conditions. Several alternatives were developed based on the improvement recommendations made.

Alternatives were evaluated using measures of effectiveness to determine the most appropriate strategies. Additionally, transit services, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, access management strategies, truck routing, and mobility and connectivity concerns were also addressed. A final report documenting the study process and recommendations were prepared, submitted and approved for implementation.