District Department of Transportation - On-Call Highway Safety Improvement Design

Grice Consulting Group studied, evaluated, and recommended countermeasures intended to reduce fatalities, crash occurrences and injury severity at seventy (70) locations DDOT identified as high hazard. To complete the objective, Grice Consulting Group conducted the following tasks:

The project consists of these elements:

  • Secured DDOT crash reports and volume data for each location
  • Prepared a comprehensive collision diagram consistent with DDOT and industry standards
  • Scheduled and conducted volume, truck, pedestrian, and turning movement counts
  • Secured DDOT traffic signal sequencing, signal phasing/operation plans, timing data, and scaled drawings
  • Prepared a scaled drawing showing all existing features within the right of way. Verified features in the field.
  • Took photographs of the site, prepared GIS maps and associated graphics, and documented existing conditions
  • Collected roadway and pavement data including pavement type, condition, curbing, drainage facilities, etc.
  • Confirmed existing conditions with field investigations
  • Identified reasons for high hazard designation
  • Developed recommendations and prepared a draft and final report with required deliverables