Georgia Department of Transportation - I-85 North Express/Managed Lane Project

This project includes the addition of 10 miles of newly constructed toll lanes north of the existing I-85 Express lanes and is located entirely within Gwinnett County, Georgia. One northbound and a southbound toll lane will operate north of the existing express lanes on I-85 at Old Peachtree Road and will extend to Hamilton Mill Road. Auxiliary lanes constructed are between on and off ramps. The tolling operations for the managed lanes will be under the State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA). The variable priced tolling will provide transportation improvements through more reliable travel times, commuter choices, and regional transit enhancements. The variable priced tolling system will incorporate such devices as automated vehicle detection systems, toll rate changeable message signs, toll rate CCTV cameras, and sign supports for the toll rate devices.

Grice Consulting Group provided Post Let Support on the I-85 Express Lane Extension for the Design-Build Team. The objectives of Grice Consulting Group’s tasks were based on the ARCADIS’s Design Quality Management Plan (DQMP). The basis of the DQMP is its Quality Control (QC)/Quality Assurance (QA) requirements. The QC/QA process is an independent peer review team not involved with the work. Grice Consulting Group provided guidance to the Design-Build Team for developing and executing their design. The Grice Consulting Group prepared for and participated in two ITS and Toll System Design Workshops. Grice Consulting Group preformed the reviews of the Tolling and ITS design submittals. This work facilitated the QC/QC review process for the GDOT and SRTA. Grice Consulting Group also reviewed and provided comments on the Preliminary and Final Signing and Marking Plans and Details, Signal Plans, and ATMS/ ITS Plans.